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BIBLE VISION: A Bible For Every Home

“I am sending you to them to open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God” (Act 26:17-18).

This can be accomplished by only getting His Word, the Bible, into homes. More than anything else, God is concerned and burdened about the millions in India. In the year 2000, God gave the Quiet Corner Ministry a vision to take His Word - the Bible - into every Home in India. The genteel voice of God came to a group of people, the Prayer Mobile Team that was fasting and praying at Nilakel, in Kerala, Thus the Bible Vision was born. But the Almighty God honored our humble faith when the Bible Vision was first realized in the outreach at the remote village of Gundelpet.

So far Bible Vision teams have covered numerous districts and villages. The teams prayerfully and in faith continue their good work.

Bible Vision volunteers from different parts of India recount with wonder their experience of witnessing the joy and respect with which the people young and old receive God’s Word the first time.


Voices from the field

“God has sent you” are the words with which Raghu Ram greeted the Bible Vision team when they met him in Varanasi, U. P. He knew about Jesus. Raghuram told the team that he had been waiting to get a copy of the Bible since and happily received a copy of the Bible

While team was distributing Bibles in M. P, a 65 year old Muslim man came and requested, “I am ready to give whatever I earned today, but get me a copy of the Bible”. He received Bible with much respect.



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