Standing in the Gap


Faith moves mountains but when God’s people unite their hearts and cry out to Him, the very heart of God is moved.

The Standing in the Gap Conferences are such powerful heart cries to Him. The Gates of Heaven were shaken when 128 intercessors from nine states of India came for the first time to “ Stand in the Gap” for a week in January 2002.The conference was unique in several ways. It represented diverse people from nearly nine states of India, breaking Church affiliations and denominations who were united in prayer and intercession.

To this day the standing in the Gap is held every year, and delegates return with a greater challenge to intercede for the Nation and the Church. Additionally conferences on the End Times, Jesus Conferences and Women Conferences by special teams from the U.S annually provide blessed opportunities to participants to learn and enrich their lives from Godly people.

People Intercede for the Nation (Standing in the Gap – 2016)