Tailoring Program

The Tailoring programme in the Nilgirs, aims to provide livelihood means for young women who are unable to go in for higher education. Over two hundred girls have been trained in sewing and craft work during the past 25 years planting a hope in several poor homes. The participants are rewarded with a certificate and a sewing machine too at the end of their course. 

Many  of the participants have witnessed great healing and miraculous ways in which God has touched their lives. 

“My name is Poornima and I am from Masinagudi village. I studied up to the 10th standard. Though I did well in studies, I could not study further due to my poor family background.  It was a blessing to know about the Tailoring centre in Masinagudi and I joined with much interest. I observed a practice there that every day people would spend time for prayer and reading the Bible. Slowly I was attracted to this prayer and started to read the Bible. This helped me to know more about Jesus and I accepted Him as my personal saviour. Also God performed a wonderful miracle in my mother’s life. She was suffering from a boil in her throat since many years. Doctors suggested her to remove it through an operation. I prayed to God with faith and God healed my mother miraculously. It caused my whole family to turn to the living Jesus and they accepted Jesus as their Saviour. Thank you QCI for your valuable support. Please remember us in your prayers”.

“I am Gauri from Bokkapuram Village. I am from a Hindu background.  I am married and I have two children. My husband left me and married another woman because of some family issues. I was going through such distress mentally and physically. One day two sisters came to my home and introduced  a tailoring centre in  Masinagudi and I was asked to join there. It was a good opportunity for me as I was staying simply at home without peace. I started to go, but I did not like the atmosphere there. Every day they used to pray and sing songs before the class began. It irritated me, but, when I heard the testimony from a co-student and the works which God had done in her personal life as well in the family, it touched my heart deeply. I got very interested to know more about Jesus Christ and I believed this same God would do great work in my life too.

Now I am happy even though there are struggles and obstacles. I feel peace and happiness in my heart. The time spent in this center was memorable and it is really helpful for the economic welfare of my family. I thank QCI leaders and supporters for their valuable help in gifting me a tailoring machine”.

Women train in sewing and craft