Who we are ?

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11: 28)

Quiet Corner is an indigenous pioneer mission, committed to the claims of Jesus Christ. A change maker, Quiet Corner integrates both Word and Deed in a holistic endeavor to Christian witness in today’s world. This vision- oriented mission is driven by the passion to sow the Word of God in remote areas of our land India. Four decades on……the mission continues to impact lives from a spiritual, social and physical dimension with a multi-faceted approach in proclaiming the Gospel.

Our Mission:

Planting God’s Word
Prayer Mobilization
Humanitarian Efforts
Discipleship Training
Camping Ministry


About Us:

“A God to serve! And a needy soul to look after” (Acts.16:6-15).

The ministry of Quiet Corner was born in 1971, with the vision God gave its founders, Rev. Thomas & Mary Kutty Samuel, to reach the inhabitants of the rocks in the remote jungles of the Nilgiris (Tamil Nadu) India. The mission was later registered as an indigenous mission in 1974. Starting off as a place of prayer with a mere thatch-hut and bullock-carts to lug water from a stream nearby, today with God’s favour the mission has blossomed into a charming and sylvan prayer sanctuary.

To begin with there were no Christians, and in response to an abject need, the ministry plunged into addressing spiritual and humanitarian needs of the local people and thus was born a community of Christians at the foothills of the Nilgiri mountains.

Today we are committed to touching lives imparting the Gospel in remote areas and making a difference in the local community that we humbly serve.